Who Can You Trust to Save Your Company?

More than anything, a successful corporate rescue requires in depth understanding about accelerated transformation and liquidity enhancement mechanics; group and individual psychology under duress; interest group management; and complex systems
— Peter Vapaamies

PETER Vapaamies

A proven track record for over a quarter century has made Peter Vapaamies a trusted top professional among corporate creditors and equity holders as the fixer in dire situations around the globe. As the lead navigator of strategic, operational and financial turnarounds & restructurings, Peter has experience within dozens of industries from revenue and asset sizes from tens to hundreds of millions of Euros.

Corporate distress is a highly charged & complex environment requiring vast expertise to achieve success.  Turnarounds are truly an art form since each rescue from the abyss requires a one-off creatively crafted solution within a tight liquidity frame.

Peter holds an MSc in Industrial Management and Mechanical Engineering degree from Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland and an MBA from Queens University, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. Peter was designated as a Certified Turnaround Professional, CTP by the Association of Certified Turnaround Professional, Chicago, Illinois in 1999.