Our extensive referral base of corporate bankers, investors, board members and business owners can attest to our effectiveness in recovering value and rescuing assets in the most challenging special situations in the corporate world: 

Pete possesses an uncanny ability to quickly “separate the wheat from the chaff” in his dealings with people – particularly in situations where there is conflict, where emotions are running high. His methodical nature keeps him in touch with his objective, not allowing extraneous circumstances to negatively impact his goal. In other words, this man is a very disciplined professional, patient, but extremely persistent.
— Founder, Technology Company
A typical engagement involves a large or mid-market industrial or technology company operating internationally with various defaults under credit facilities. Peter first performs a viability assessment after which he provides a detailed action plan for recovery. As a Chief Restructuring Officer, he then executes the plan with great speed and efficiency. Many of his client companies have literally been brought back from the brink of death and we can warmly recommend his services with great confidence.
— Head of Restructuring & Recovery, Major European Bank
Peter’s knowledge of other businesses and his experience with other turnaround situations were invaluable. To tell the truth, I was surprised at the intensity of his effort. It often went beyond what I expected. Our reorganization plan is on track to be accepted. This would not have happened without Peter.
— Founder, Retail Business Chain
Pete has a great style which is easily accepted at all levels of the organization. He can manage conflict and confrontation. He can work through philosophical differences and keep the plan on track. Pete’s fundamental belief in his work and its benefits sell the transformation from old habits to new methods.
— Managing Director, Healthcare Company
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Our workforce and staff is multinational and requires special skills in managing and directing an improvement effort. Peter’s European background combined with his U.S. experience makes him an invaluable asset for an international operation such as ours. Peter quickly identifies problem areas, creates an improvement strategy, and most importantly, sees that the work plan is carried out.
— President, Specialty Paper Maker
Peter is proving himself to be very effective in making the changes necessary to turn our company from a money-losing trend to a profitable, sustainable operation. He has implemented change expeditiously and brought to bear the skill sets that were needed to change the direction of our company in a timely manner.
— CEO and Major Shareholder, Textile Concern