Corporate Turnarounds

Positive Cashflow and Profitability restored


Interim Turnaround Management
Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) Services

Taking over one or more key operational roles in your organization, we work closely with your management team to create a strategic, financial and operational recovery plan in order to restore confidence with all parties involved and to expeditiously recover a significant portion of corporate value.  


Corporate Turnaround
Advisory Services

Once clear direction and realistic expectations have been established, we focus on both cash and stabilization to maintain life and buy time for further action.

Through strategic, operational and financial restructuring, the most viable exit plan emerges and executes in the form of going concern, sale or merger.


Special Situations Assessment Services

When time is of the essence and you need immediate action, we quickly identify critical issues and establish available options for recovery and exit.

Complexity is greatly reduced from decision-making once experienced professionals lay out the situation and map alternatives in simple and practical terms.